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Achieve an attractive and professional gravel finish in minutes

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Effortlessly own a tidy and sleek gravel surface withouteven breaking a sweat

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Discover an easier way to own a presentable gravel surface

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Save Time On A Once Strenuous Task – There’s no better tool on the market to achieve and attractive and professional gravel finish in minutes

Professional Results Faster And Easier – With the gravel rake you can effortlessly own a tidy and sleek gravel surface without breaking a sweat

Own A Gravel Surface Your Neighbours Are Jealous Of – Impress all you neighbours, friends and family with your picturesque gravel surfaces

The Gravel Rake

We're not just here to help you achieve attractive gravel surfaces!
Gravel Rake Company is here to help you save time and effort!

Hand-Crafted Rake


Individually Hand-Crafted Gravel Rakes

Award Winning


Award Winning And Highly Respected

Hours Saved


Save Hours Of Raking


Your Next Steps

1. Purchase

Take the first step to owning the best gravel rake and join the huge list of admirers.

2. Use​

A task that you used to spend hours on can now be done in juts a few easy minutes.​

3. Present​

Take Sit back and relax as your new attractive gravel surface presents itself to your envious neighbours​

At The Gravel Rake Company we know you’re the kind of person who wants to own the best gravel Surface, the problem is you can’t afford to spend the excess amount of time and effort this takes with a regular gravel rake. This is no longer the case! With our gravel rake you’ll be able to complete the now effortless task in a matter of minutes!

No more weeding, hand raking or moss killing, just a perfect gravel surface whenever two minutes allow. Your gravel surfaces don’t have to be problematic anymore and can be kept in order without spending hours to achieve an attractive finish.

Your neighbours, friends, and family will be able to look at your gravel surfaces in awe as they simply admire the picturesque surface wondering how it was achieved.

We kept searching for a better system and could not find anything else on the market that saved time and labour. Necessity did indeed turn out to be the mother of invention and many prototypes later we finally produced The Gravel Rake.

All the components are sourced here in the UK and individually made. Each rake is designed with two extra sets of tines so should you love the product so much you overuse it, simply clip above the next horizontal bar and you have a fresh set of sharp tines.

Our rake comes in one size at 1 meter in length and weighs 7.5 kg. The rake will work effectively on all gravel surfaces up to 20mm. For larger stone you can simply apply more weight to the rake.

Stop Wasting Your Days Raking

If you want to stop wasting days raking your gravel and start enjoting life, pick up your gravel rake today