The Gravel Rake

If necessity is the mother of invention then The Gravel Rake is a testament to that. Gravel is the most attractive surface finish and in harmony with any surrounding area but having spent many hours raking, weeding and moss killing we kept searching for a more effective and efficient method. Search as we might there was simply no product on the market other than large traditional rakes that we were already using so we set to work and after many prototypes, we have developed The Gravel Rake.

A task that was once onerous and time-consuming has become a pleasure and our customers are not just satisfied but overjoyed! No more raking, weeding or moss killing and a fantastic finish for your gravel whenever two minutes allows. Please view the gallery and video page for a full demonstration.

Demand for our product is high but we are proud to be a cottage industry and all of the rakes are hand-built here on site so please allow 5 days for delivery.

Every driveway, car park, path and stable yard deserves a Gravel Rake.