“The Gravel Rake is a great idea. It does exactly what it is supposed to do – Saves time and effort. I was so impressed with it, I really do think it is being sold too cheaply.”
Lord Bamford
JCB Chairman
“We are so pleased with our Gravel Rake. It is so easy and efficient to use and we couldn’t recommend it more. They also offer excellent customer service.”
Mrs Cath Kidston
“I have now become hopelessly addicted to my Gravel Rake. Not only is it deeply satisfying to use but the resulting appearance of the gravel is so pleasing that I slightly resent anyone turning up and – God forbid – driving on it”
Alexander Armstrong
“We had our village fete recently and the main pathway was very churned up, sadly I did not get a shot before we used your rake. Here is what it looks like just after it was re-raked.”
Alex Hall
Everedge Ltd.
“The Gravel Rake is so easy to use, no need for the compact tractor to drag it, we can just carry it out of the shed and rake the courtyard and paths in about 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week. Not only does it leave a great finish to the gravel, the agitation of the gravel through regular use also helps us with our organic weed control”
Nick Fraser
Head Gardener, National Trust, Nunnington Hall.
“Thank you so much for the rake. Our gravel has never looked so good and my children are now on daily gravel raking duties – it’s a brilliant idea and I hope that you sell lots of them.”
William Lees-Jones
Managing Director, JW Lees.
“Just to say how pleased I am with your product. It is a pleasure to receive a product that does exactly what it promised ( unlike so many high-tech items that disappoint) and gives the impression I have a full time gardener who spends hours raking my gravel when it just took me no more than ten minutes!”
Sir Anthony Winnington, Bt.
“We have always had enormous trouble managing the gravel on the turning circle in front of Goodwood House; it’s always looked untidy until we discovered your marvellous rake. The House now looks just as it should – even after Formula 1 cars have driven over it!”
The Duke of Richmond
“I was given The Gravel Rake to try in my stable yard at home and it has revolutionized the finish and time spent on the gravel that we have.”
Frankie Dettori
“We use the The Gravel Rake at Archerfield and are delighted with the results”
Archerfield Links
It works great and I know the more I use it the better my gravel driveway will look. Thanks for your help and a great time saving rake.”
Larry Patterson
New Mexico
“The actual rakes are fantastic – our huge area of gravel normally takes about 2 hours to rake only the back area – it took less than 15 minutes to do both the back and side of the building. Just the time saved will make this an excellent purchase, but the gravel looks considerably better as well!”
Stewart Neil
Operations Manager. Easthampstead Park Conference Centre
“Thank you very much for the Gravel Rake and for sending it over to La Roche Posay in France. My father is absolutely delighted with his 70th birthday present. His gravel drive and parking area in front of the house has never looked so good. Not only does it look very smart and well maintained, it has taken out all the weeds which used to be the bane of his life. Furthermore, it is so easy to use and demands very little effort. No more back pains from using his old traditional rake! I have never seen him more excited about a present. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.”
Tom de Lisle
Director, Wholesale Distribution River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP
“What used to take some hours, with mixed results it can now be done in 15 minutes and looks tremendous. Congratulations. We have taken a photo in front of the house, and as we are your first Australians, we even added the flags and corgis”
Musk Farm
Victoria, Australia
“the rake is really working well and making a tedious job on our gravel areas much easier”
Bickerdikes Garden Centres
“We’ve used the rake a few times now and it works a treat. The gravel driveways now look very smart with minimal effort!”
E B, Jersey
“Rake arrived today and eureka, a three hour job reduced to a half hour. Brilliant piece of kit, very pleased and excited and our drive looks tons better. Thank you and it does what you said it would.”
Anthony Ormerod
“My mother’s goals for 2015 lie before me. Most of them are good: visit Shakespeare’s Globe and tour Bazalgetxes 1850s London sewers —inspired; tour Glasgow’s Clvdeside and its Victorian churches—excellent (tick); eat fish and chips around Britain’s coast (tick); do more for the Rectory Society (tick). But then, in small uncertain writing at the bottom, this word creeps in: ‘Pilates (cross)’. Oh dear. As an ecologist, I, too, am interested in the ‘core’, but, although Pilates has its place, All that hot air expended before and after sessions is burning a hole in our planet. But then i look at Country Life advertisements (big tick) and I see the solution immediately: not ‘Dating 4 Grown Ups’ or Tosca and Willoughby wooden loo seats, although both bring warmth and succour in their way, but The Gravel Rakes, which ‘deliver a perfect finish and cut out weed problems‘. I bought one on the spot and put it by my mother’s bed. And now, every Sunday, with The Archers playing merrily in her ears, off she goes up the path (above). And as she pulls her trusty gravel rake,she’s using every muscel in her body, all those muscles that Pilates might forget. She is happy, my mother, and the dog is, too. And the ecology of Oxfordshire is safe. Bliss!”
Emily Ponsonby
Readers Letters, Country life
“I’m happy to award you 5 gold stars for such an excellent labour saving garden tool, and you are welcome to use my recommendation if you wish. I look forward to seeing further details of your new products.”
Geoff Douglas
“The Gravel Rake is an excellent invention! As with all excellent inventions it is so simple and works so well..”
Roger Douglas-Hughes
“It is unusual these days to buy something which exceeds expectations but the Gravel Rake has certainly done so; I have been meaning to write to your company for a while to say so and your email reminded me and proved to be the catalyst for me to express my long overdue thanks.“
Richard Simons
“We’ve purchased your product before – its excellent, well done“
Andrew Jones
“I was happily surprised at just how well this works. I bought it for our house in France where we have a large, gravelled courtyard. Used three times, the effect was clearly visible and the time taken to walk the rake around the yard was minimal. I thoroughly recommend it.”
Christopher Marrow
“Our Gravel rake arrived safely this morning. Thank you for the Excellent service provided since my: Initial enquiry Sat July 24th, Response by return Sat 24th, Order placed: Monday 26th, Dispatch: Monday 26th, Overseas Delivery: Tuesday August 3rd. Look forward to using it now !!!”
Clodagh Davis


“1) it has in half an hour done what used to take nearly three hours. What do I do now !

2) I won’t let anyone drive on my splendid raked drive now. It looks amazing and they spoil it.
Have no friends who are prepared to visit !

3) Taking so little exercise , have had to join gym and golf club. Very expensive!

No money, no friends and too much time. My wife says have an affair!!!

This rake is positively wonderful!!”

PM of Hampshire